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About: This project aims to have a full translation for the Gnome interface by translating strings in certain files (called *.po files) to Arabic. This is done by translating Messages used in the Gnome interface (POT --> PO). More Info.
Start Date: Jan 05, 2002
Status: 83% done.
Coordinator: hosny
Contributors: djihed :: raffa :: ychahibi :: zal_saidi :: afarghal
Mailing List: Doc

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djihed :: raffa :: ychahibi :: zal_saidi :: afarghal







(Oct 08, 2006)

Gnome's Wiki page is now up with plans and status, please have a look and consider joining the team :)

(Sep 08, 2006)

Djihed Afifi reports status along with some thoughts on what to concentrate on next.

(Jul 03, 2004)

July Gnome status report by Arafat Medini with news about a new project started, and steady work on bugs and translation for gnome.

(Mar 20, 2004)

March Gnome status report by Arafat Medini notes 100% Arabic translation for Gnome-2.6 among other goodies !!

(Feb 15, 2004)

February gnome status report by Arafat Medini.

(Jan 10, 2004)

January gnome status report by Arafat Medini.

(Nov 23, 2003)

November gnome status report by Arafat Medini.

(Sep 11, 2003)

Arafat Medini sends his latest status report prior to his trip (back in November)

(Sep 10, 2003)

The complete Arabic GNOME 2.2 was CVS tagged and the new merged GNOME 2.4 .PO files were uploaded to the cvs server; all the info is noted here by Arafat Medini

(Jul 21, 2003)

Announcing for everyone THE FULL SUPPORT of GNOME2.2 for Arabic, see the log for more info: July's status report as posted by Arafat Medini.

(Mar 11, 2003)

A month full of work passed, and we gained three new translation members. Here is the February's status report as posted by Arafat Medini.

(Nov 23, 2002)

The Pango bug 83058 that caused the accelerated letter in Gnome GUI to be mishaped is fixed. Please refere to the page of the bug 83058 for more information.

(Aug 19, 2002)

GNOME PO and POT files in the Arabeyes CVS is updated.

The latest changes and Arabic translation for GNOME was commited to GNOME2 CVS.

(Jul 02, 2002)

The long-waited Gnome 2.0 was announced June 26th. It includes a good level of Arabic support plus an Arabic Interface that does not reach the BETA status yet.

To get Gnome 2.0 go to HERE

(Jun 01, 2002)

Arabic Translation files for Gnome submited to Gnome Servers.

Around 53% of Gnome 2.0 core is translated.

Arabic interface in Gnome is better described as rough. The Arabic interface that will come with releases post-2.0 of Gnome will be more usable.

(May 27, 2002)

Arabic Interface for Gnome2 is commited to Gnome CVS.

Arabic Translation status can be seen here.

Arabic shaping bug with accelerated letters in menus is reported to Gnome Bugzilla. Check it here.

(May 10, 2002)

Sayed Mosawi has done it again!

1014 strings translated from gtk+.po! Way to go Sayed ;)

(Apr 29, 2002)

Isam has announced that starting from May 5, 2002 most of the translation effort will be put into Gnome's.

All the sleeping translators, this is the time to make your mark on Gnome ;)

(Jan 07, 2002)

Mohammed Elzubeir puts forth a priority list of files to be translated

Mohammed Gamal (THE machine :-), Isam Bayazidi and Sayed Al-Mosawi have all jumped-in and started committing translations - way to go !

(Jan 05, 2002)

The first import of the Gnome PO Template files is now on the Arabeyes CVS.

Translator's calls have been answered, let's put Arabic on the map!